Federica Di Bella

Federica Di Bella

Federica Di Bella


Sicilian, lives and works in Rome, she started very young a collaboration with authors such as L. Sciascia, V. Consolo, S. Addamo, M. Grasso and with M. Boggio, S. Rabboni, S. Ramat, A. Porta.  She graduated from the Scuola del Teatro Stabile in Catania and she subsequently perfected in the “Strasberg Method” with Ilza Prestinari and Interpolation of Languages ​​with Marisa Fabbri.

In the first artistic period she dedicated to the actor activity and – as actrice – she has collaborated with directors such as G. Di Martino, G. Strehler, L. Puggelli, N. Mangano, A. Piccardi, G. Salvo, S. Sequi, P. Micol, W.  Manfrè, M. Maltauro and C. Insegno;  and with actors such as T. Ferro, I. Carrara, N. Gazzolo M. Carotenuto,, E. Cerusico, R. Garrone, A. Laurenzi, I. Ghione, F. Mari, O.M.Guerrini, L.Capolicchio.

She has played the main roles of important theatrical productions including ” Le Baccanti ” by Euripides, ” Lisistrata ” by Aristophanes, “ Sganarelle ou Le cocu imaginaire “, ” L’École des femmes ” and ” Le Médicin malgré lui ” by J.B.Molière, ” The Taming of the Shrew ” , ” A Midsummer Night’s Dream ” , “ Richard II I” by W. Sheakespeare, ” La zapatera prodigiosa “ of F.G.Lorca, ” Pensaci Giacomino “, ” Liolà “ and ” L’uomo, la bestia e la virtù ” of  L. Pirandello, ” La Lupa”  and ” I Malavogli a” by G. Verga, ” Cat on a hot tin roof ” by T. Williams,  ” Turandot ”  by C. Gozzi,  “ I  tre moschettieri e mezzo ”  and  ” Titanic ”  by M. Bruno, ” Le Confessioni ” of various authors.

Assistant director of W. Manfrè since 1995,  she later devoted herself almost exclusively to directing.

She made her directorial debut in the show ” Comprese le mamme e le sorelle ” of U.Simonetta, and concentrated her expressive research in various theatrical contexts that led her to be recognized as one of the most interesting emerging artistic personalities of the Sicilian theater scene.

Later she will direct ” Pensaci Giacomino ” by L. Pirandello, ” Tutto rotto, niente da buttare ” by R.Quattrocchi and ” Sconosciuti fino all’alba ” by A. Caruso (Taormina Arte under the artistic direction of G. Albertazzi), “Addebiti vari ” by R.Quattrocchi, “ Senti un po’ ” by A. Caruso”, “ Perché ha smesso Roberto Pruzzo ” by F. Calderoni, “ La Vendetta ” by F. Lanza, “ Gli equivoci nel sembiante ” from an opera  by A. Scarlatti.

She made her debut as an author in “Angelica” by A. Caruso and F. Di Bella and continues with ” Anime ” by F. Di Bella and A. Caruso and ” Medium ” by F. Di Bella.

As teacher she held various seminars and stages of acting and interpretation in different cities of Italy, extending her collaboration with various institutions in Catania and Rome.

In 2002 she signs her first Opera stage direction ” Il Barbiere di Siviglia ” by G. Rossini and will follow the direction of ” Cavalleria Rusticana ”  by P.Mascagni, ” I Pagliacci ”  by R. Leoncavallo, ” Don Pasquale ”  and “ L ‘ elisir d’amore ” by G. Donizetti and ” La Bohème ” by G. Puccini.

She currently combines her activity as director and pedagogue with that of artistic consultant and coordinator of theatrical and musical events.