Marta Marullo

Marta Marullo

Marta Marullo


Marta Marullo. After a Diploma in Pianoforte at the Conservatorio ‘O. Respighi’ of Latina, she turned her attention to early music, graduating in Harpsichord and Historical Keyboards at the Conservatorio ‘Santa Cecilia’ of Rome. She attended master classes of Lya de Barberiis, François Joël Thiollier, László Stachó, Christa Butzbrger, Elisabetta Guglielmin.

She earned a Degree in Musicology with honours from the University of Pavia in 2002, where she specialised in the History of Modern Music Theory. She holds a post-graduate Diploma in Archival Science at the Vatican School of Paleography, Diplomatics and Archival Science in the Vatican.

In 2009, she completed her PhD in Musicology at the Salento University of Lecce with a dissertation titled: La Raccolta de salmi a otto curata da Fabio Costantini ed il salmo ‘policorale’ in Italia tra Cinque e Seicento. While developing her doctoral dissertation, she was Visiting Scholar at the Department of Musicology of the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität of Jena-Weimar, in 2007.

For for the Istituto Centrale per il Catalogo Unico (SbnMusica/ Edizioni ICCU), she cataloged a section of the Carotti collection consisting of theatrical librettos from 16th-19th centuries and conservated in the Library of ‘Santa Cecilia’ Conservatorio in Rome.

In 2003 she took part in the Press Office for the Eurofestival Concertisti Emergenti – Excelsius Musicae et Pacis Nuntius by Sala Regia of Palazzo Venezia in Rome, organized by Eximia Forma Fondazione Piccolo under the patronage of European Parliament.

From 2006 to 2014 she worked at the Rome Symphony Orchestra of Rome Foundation as Musical Librarian and Production Director. At the same time, she was part of the editorial staff of AllegroconBrio Periodico di Musica, Filosofia e Arte, taking care of articles, reviews, and booklets for the concerts of the Rome Symphony Orchestra at the Auditorium della Conciliazione.

She also wrote cover notes for the record labels Brilliant (Respighi) and Naxos (Clementi, Sgambati, Casella, Mancinelli, Catalani, Martucci, Busoni, Malipiero, Petrassi), about Italian symphonic repertoire.

In the past two years, she taught History of Music at the Conservatorio di Musica S. Giacomantonio in Cosenza. Previously, between 2014 and 2018, she taught Musical Education in various Secondary Schools and Music History at the Liceo Musicale Chris Cappell College in Anzio (Rome). She also held the seminars on White Mensural Notation at the Certosa di S. Lorenzo in Padula for the editions of Intercultura Festival ‘Luci della Ribalta’ 2017-2019.

She participates in the compilation of the MEM Bibliographic Bulletin of Medieval Music/Music in the Middle Ages, and MEL Bibliographic Bulletin of European culture from Boethius to Erasmus (6th-15th centuries) at the Ezio Franceschini Foundation in Florence.

Her current research is centred on musical criticism, in particular on the study and exegesis of Sacred Music in the Renaissance and Early Baroque. She is author of numerous essays and critical editions concerning the seventeenth-century theory and musical repertoire. She regularly presents papers and lectures in both national and international conferences and academic symposia.

She continues performing as a pianist and harpsichordist, collaborating with vocal and instrumental formations.